RYA Power Boat Advanced CoC Exam Prep

RYA Power Boat Advanced CoC Exam Prep

RYA Power Boat Advanced CoC Exam Prep

Our RYA Power Boat Advanced CoC Exam Prep Course

This will vary from person to person, but it is easy to underestimate the level that you need to be at for the Advanced Examination. The common mistake to make is to assume that because you have taken the Advanced Powerboat Course that you are at the right level.
About The Course

About RYA Power Boat Advanced CoC Exam Prep

The Advanced Powerboat Course is a good work-up to the exam and certainly most people should undertake it. However, by way of example the Advanced Course may introduce you to night navigation whereas the exam requires you to demonstrate a high degree of competence at night way above the level you would have been at if the Advanced Course was your first trip out at night. In short, the advanced course introduces techniques and methods whilst the exam tests that using those techniques and methods is second nature to you. This will only be the case if you have invested plenty of time practicing the methods and actually put them into practice on real passages.


This will vary from person to person

Make sure that ahead of the exam that you ensure that your theory is fully up to scratch (you need to be at the level of RYA Yachtmaster Theory) and put time in ensuring your close quarter boat handling is very good in any conditions. You should be able to put a RIB into almost any marina berth the examiner chooses either bow or stern first in any conditions. Practicing the various pilotage techniques, you will use day and night to ensure you are totally happy with their use is of course essential.


Charter of RIB for examination cost varies according to number of examinees. One person £210, Two persons £120 per head, Three persons £80 per head plus the RYA exam fee.

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