RYA Superyacht Tender Operator

RYA Superyacht Tender Operator

RYA Superyacht Tender Operator

Our RYA Superyacht Tender Operator Course

Aimed at those already working as a tender driver transferring guests/passengers in sectors such as the superyacht world or in other environments where you may need to transfer guests and passengers.


About The Course

About RYA Superyacht Tender Operator

Designed in conjunction with the Professional Yachting Association this course is intended to build on a candidate’s basic powerboating knowledge and skills. Attendees will gain confidence in their ability to manoeuvre a powerboat more smoothly. The emphasis is on learning important skills in day and night pilotage and passenger carriage and management.


2 days. We start at 9am on day one and will finish about 2 – 3 hours after it gets dark. On day two we start at 10am and typically finish between 4 and 5pm.


3 students to 1 Instructor. You will often find that you learn as much from watching another student execute a manoeuvre as you do from doing it yourself.

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